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13. A new job always means new shoes, right? January 20, 2010

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I went to go buy running shoes yesterday.  Since I started running a couple weeks ago, I’ve been on the edge of injuries again.  Knees, hip, foot.  Typical for pushing to hard at the beginning.

So my trainer sent me over to RoadRunner to get new ones.  Turns out they have a neat system called Shoe Dog to check out your feet, your ankles, your darn near everything related to running so you get the right shoes.

The *great* staff first made me take off my shoes and walk across a pressure pad that showed my footprint, and the pressure points where my heel hits the floor and where I toe off (the red areas).

Then I had to run barefoot on the treadmill while she videotaped the back of my feet as each touched the treadmill and went through the full foot-strike cycle.

After all this, I got the bad news.  My running gait is pretty crappy (not my fault!) and my current shoes the wrong ones.  So I got new shoes and it was pretty cool!



12. Excercise is supposed to make me happy? January 19, 2010

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To take my last job, I had to stop working out.  I’ve been with one trainer for a couple years and he’s excellent.  Before my last job, I could do 50 push-ups in one set and 5 pull-ups.  I used to run a 5K to warm up for my training session.

Now I’m a wimp.

Three hours in the car every day and a stressful job being the center of attack of a couple different groups, I was mentally and physically dead every night.  My trainer works in the opposite direction from my job and I wasn’t paying for a second gym membership.

My awesome win at the pool bar obstacle course in Cozumel last year – which included my sopping wet 50 pushups buzzed, and against a guy!  All that shot to hell.


Mini-Point: The Shifting Sands of Life and Work January 12, 2010

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Good article reflecting on lessons learned traveling across the Sahara, and how they can apply to work and life.

We live and work in a mountain-climbing culture.

We want to see the peak, map out a route, and follow it to the top-our metaphors for goal-setting and goal-getting our way through our lives and careers.

Real life, however, often defies this approach. That’s because most of our experiences actually resemble a desert. We get lost or stuck, and even chase the occasional mirage. From raising kids to plotting our careers, we find few clear routes or identifiable peaks.

From Lessons Learned in the Desert by Steve Donahue.

2. Remember that negative crack I made about job boards? January 5, 2010

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Today I returned a call I received from a woman named Diane, who owns a placement firm.  Great conversation out of the blue!  But I’m chagrined to say she probably got my information from Monster.com.  After I relayed to you yesterday my lack of faith in job boards, the irony just slaps me in the face.  <grin>


1. The Spinning Compass – finding a new career in 360 degrees or less January 4, 2010

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I’ve thrown down before my feet a challenge – find the next phase of my life and career in 360 degrees or less.

Like many of you, I wonder if I’m doing the right thing.  Am I happy in my current career path?  No.  Do I feel I can do more and be happier?  Yes.

Time to reassess.

So rather than linearly spewing electronic resumes, sprinkling the right keywords for the job board resume parsers and keeping my fingers crossed, I’m going to try something different.  Since I don’t really know what the hell I want,  I’m going to look in all the unexpected places.  And I’m purposely NOT going to look for a job.  I’m going to explore one thing at a time until that big AHA happens!  And each day I’ll tell you what happened.