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11. Internet Privacy and Social Media January 18, 2010

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Facebook changed their privacy settings a few months ago, further restricting our ability to protect our personal information by 1) removing previous options to hide friends and pages, and 2) stashing previously accessible privacy options in non-logical places.

This has caused a backlash against Facebook, who attempts to justify the changes with inane arguments that mean nothing for privacy and everything to allow increased ad revenues, increased ability to mine for more email addresses, increased misunderstanding regarding default privacy settings, and the brand new feature that your information (profile, posts, etc.) can be searchable by search engines.


And I’m sharing all this deep and meaningful stuff about my next move in life with 6.8 billion people?



10. Showcasing (Bragging About) Your Expertise January 16, 2010

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Don't be afraid to scream, "I rock!"

I’ve had a strange problem with my email the last couple weeks and yesterday I finally solved it.  My “productivity ” of the day was to blog about it on my other blog.  That blog explores the basics of  solving Real Life problems. With, one might assume, actual Real Life problems.

So, to my problem. (Go ahead, make a smartass remark.  In a comment below.  I dare you. Heh heh.)

Anyway, I sent email from Gmail-address-A to a Yahoo group where I had registered with Gmail-address-A.  Yahoo rejected it back to me because IT ALLEGED I’d started sending emails to it from Gmail-address-B. But I hadn’t.

No matter what I tried, it *insisted* was sending from the wrong email address.  Grrrr.

But I had *proof* from my sent box and the messages’ headers!  But somehow, the Interwebs were screwing with me.


5. When perfection *shouldn’t* be Job 1 January 8, 2010

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The Sesame Street Word-of-the-Day is “Frustration.”

Yes, I want to do a page with the Social Media elements I discussed yesterday.  However, the mechanics are making me crave chocolate or something as equally attitude adjusting.

The specifics are tedious and boring.  But despite the fact that I pay for hosting 2 sites and have free WordPress sites, I apparently can’t get a 3-column blog-style template for my http://www.myname.com site without either 1) writing the code myself or 2) paying more money.  <vent removed for editorial courtesy>


4. Brand yourself online – Social Media Resumes January 7, 2010

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I got a massage yesterday and my mind wandered on over to online personal branding.  (I know, I know, a massage is supposed to be relaxing.  However <shrugs> your mind ends up wandering where it will.)

Tomato Clownfish by yours truly

I wondered, is there a way to create a single point of contact online which (professionally) shows the whole me rather than maintaining separate personal and professional sites?

The line between the two is blurring – in interviews we chat about common interests to break the ice – why can’t I present my common interests (like scuba and photography) in the same place as my resume and other content?

So researching today, I tripped across the concept of a social media resume.