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10. Showcasing (Bragging About) Your Expertise January 16, 2010

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Don't be afraid to scream, "I rock!"

I’ve had a strange problem with my email the last couple weeks and yesterday I finally solved it.  My “productivity ” of the day was to blog about it on my other blog.  That blog explores the basics of  solving Real Life problems. With, one might assume, actual Real Life problems.

So, to my problem. (Go ahead, make a smartass remark.  In a comment below.  I dare you. Heh heh.)

Anyway, I sent email from Gmail-address-A to a Yahoo group where I had registered with Gmail-address-A.  Yahoo rejected it back to me because IT ALLEGED I’d started sending emails to it from Gmail-address-B. But I hadn’t.

No matter what I tried, it *insisted* was sending from the wrong email address.  Grrrr.

But I had *proof* from my sent box and the messages’ headers!  But somehow, the Interwebs were screwing with me.



8. Jumbles of stuff January 13, 2010

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I have to blog today? Ack. Need ice cream.

1. Signed the contact for reviewing federal grants. (Good news!)

2. While changing domain name servers, 500 files from my professional blog were deleted. (Baaaad news.)  Note – WordPress “export” function is NOT comprehensive.  Be warned.

3. Dug around and carefully reconstructed my blog and website. It works! (Good news.)  * Breathes big sigh of relief *

4. Surfed for “career assessment” websites and got sucked into stress-filled hell. (Bad news.)  I  let myself get suckered in and took an assessment.

Pencils ready – Which of these statements best describes you?  “Warm-hearted” or “cold-headed”?

Are you kidding me?  Blogging on a COMPASS-THEMED-BLOG, I have to state the obvious – these two are 180° apart and presented as such, makes you feel like a wuss or an asshole depending on which you pick.

And let’s be real here – where are the options for “cold-hearted” and “hot-headed”???

Compass Point – Some days are better than others.  All I know is that some days it takes an awful lot of work to make very little progress.

8 down, 352 to go.

6. Posting little comments can lead to big results January 11, 2010

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Again, I’m avoiding the job boards unless the perfect job makes it through my filters and into my inbox.  (Ya see, I’d like to feel productive today.)  Part of feeling productive is making a decision and following through on it.  I will NOT feel guilty about NOT surfing job boards today!

So today, I focused on advertising myself online.  I put my hand in the air and a couple people saw it.