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19. Hidden perceptions that damage relationships January 30, 2010

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I worked with two people over the last 15 years who I’d prefer never to see again.  Both did something I considered a significant breech of personal and professional etiquette.  I admit, both events still boil me a bit.

Each of us package ourselves into little boxes based on our perceptions.  Boxes we often don’t even realize confine us because we’ve worn them for so long.   These perceptions become  boundaries and sign posts of our own making;  invisible markers that we use to guide us, never realizing that others follow their own sign posts that are just as invisible.

But something happened the other day that’s probably changed my life.



18. Your great new idea may not be so new, but still great January 29, 2010

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As I review these federal grants, it’s become clear the bimodal distribution in proposal quality.  Some organizations understand how to write, package and present a grant; others clearly do not.

And they don’t seem to realize that writing style and presentation radically affect how grant proposals are received.  REGARDLESS of the actual content and ideas.

Grant writing is telling a story.  You’ve got to set the hook immediately.  Draw the reader in.  Then keep them interested and excited.  While grants aren’t fiction, many aspects of writing fiction can be applied.

My idea – help grant submitters tell a better story.  Or tell their story better.


7. When Pay-it-Forward pays off January 12, 2010

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I got an email out of the blue yesterday.  I’ve been invited to be a scientist reviewer for a series of Department of Defense R&D proposals.  The government tracked me down and wants to pay me to tell them how to spend their money!

I can’t share the specifics of course, but it’s in my area of expertise.

(But ohhh, doncha just wish you could pick the program to review?!?)

All because I volunteered to review grants for the CDC a few years ago, and my (outdated) info was still floating somewhere in the system.


4. Brand yourself online – Social Media Resumes January 7, 2010

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I got a massage yesterday and my mind wandered on over to online personal branding.  (I know, I know, a massage is supposed to be relaxing.  However <shrugs> your mind ends up wandering where it will.)

Tomato Clownfish by yours truly

I wondered, is there a way to create a single point of contact online which (professionally) shows the whole me rather than maintaining separate personal and professional sites?

The line between the two is blurring – in interviews we chat about common interests to break the ice – why can’t I present my common interests (like scuba and photography) in the same place as my resume and other content?

So researching today, I tripped across the concept of a social media resume.


3. Sowing the seeds – recommending somone else January 6, 2010

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Today I wrote a recommendation for a student who took a class I taught a few years ago.   He’s applying to a PhD program in Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems and wants to use me as a reference.  Turns out he got interested in Embedded Systems after taking my graduate class at New Jersey Institute of Technology, and he decided to focus his research in this area.

Cool.  🙂