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17. Rudyard Kipling on dealing with difficult people January 28, 2010

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I wrote an entire post about my experience with Little Ms. Faux Fur Diva Wannabe at the airport yesterday, but I’ve decided not to post it.  It was a vignette on her bad behavior and attempts to bait me into anger, and my thoughts on dealing with difficult people through the lens of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If.”

But while the airport drama isn’t relevant, the message is.



15. Rewards for doing the work you agreed to do January 24, 2010

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So I’m in grant reviewing hell.  Preparing for that meeting on the left.   I could do a quick crappy job, or do the right thing.  Perhaps, unfortunately for my weekend, I tend to do the right thing.

I’ve written grants myself, and I know how hard it is to develop a good plan, good hypotheses, and then explain exactly what you’re going to do if you get the money.  It’s not like the government hands over $3M for a fishing expedition – a research term for “we’re gonna look at a lot of different stuff that we haven’t identified yet and hope we figure out something useful.”  Those types of proposals don’t (usually) make it too far.

Other proposals are a joy to read!  Heavy scientific terms broken down into descriptive language that can teach a non-expert while simultaneously describing the work.  Flow is logical, the ideas are neat.  And if the grant writers do their jobs well, I can get really excited about the proposed project!  Clarity + readability + neat project = GOOD SCORE = $$$$$$.

You’d think they’d figure that out.


14. What constitutes progress every day? January 21, 2010

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Pardon my sarcasm, but some days just suck.  What did I accomplish today?

Well, I spent some “quality” time with my computer, discussing exactly why increases in RAM result in the inability to go into hibernate mode.  Turns out that even if you don’t NEED to save all your RAM to hibernate, Windows NEEDS that much *contiguous* memory on your hard drive, just in case.

Now, my little old workhorse of a laptop is nearly squished to the gills with writing and pictures and work stuff and other joys of electronic life, despite my regular backups, cleanings, defraggings, etc.  (Hmmm, there’s that little red squiggle.  Seems “defraggings” isn’t a word. And neither is “defragging.”)

So sad.


13. A new job always means new shoes, right? January 20, 2010

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I went to go buy running shoes yesterday.  Since I started running a couple weeks ago, I’ve been on the edge of injuries again.  Knees, hip, foot.  Typical for pushing to hard at the beginning.

So my trainer sent me over to RoadRunner to get new ones.  Turns out they have a neat system called Shoe Dog to check out your feet, your ankles, your darn near everything related to running so you get the right shoes.

The *great* staff first made me take off my shoes and walk across a pressure pad that showed my footprint, and the pressure points where my heel hits the floor and where I toe off (the red areas).

Then I had to run barefoot on the treadmill while she videotaped the back of my feet as each touched the treadmill and went through the full foot-strike cycle.

After all this, I got the bad news.  My running gait is pretty crappy (not my fault!) and my current shoes the wrong ones.  So I got new shoes and it was pretty cool!


12. Excercise is supposed to make me happy? January 19, 2010

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To take my last job, I had to stop working out.  I’ve been with one trainer for a couple years and he’s excellent.  Before my last job, I could do 50 push-ups in one set and 5 pull-ups.  I used to run a 5K to warm up for my training session.

Now I’m a wimp.

Three hours in the car every day and a stressful job being the center of attack of a couple different groups, I was mentally and physically dead every night.  My trainer works in the opposite direction from my job and I wasn’t paying for a second gym membership.

My awesome win at the pool bar obstacle course in Cozumel last year – which included my sopping wet 50 pushups buzzed, and against a guy!  All that shot to hell.


8. Jumbles of stuff January 13, 2010

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I have to blog today? Ack. Need ice cream.

1. Signed the contact for reviewing federal grants. (Good news!)

2. While changing domain name servers, 500 files from my professional blog were deleted. (Baaaad news.)  Note – WordPress “export” function is NOT comprehensive.  Be warned.

3. Dug around and carefully reconstructed my blog and website. It works! (Good news.)  * Breathes big sigh of relief *

4. Surfed for “career assessment” websites and got sucked into stress-filled hell. (Bad news.)  I  let myself get suckered in and took an assessment.

Pencils ready – Which of these statements best describes you?  “Warm-hearted” or “cold-headed”?

Are you kidding me?  Blogging on a COMPASS-THEMED-BLOG, I have to state the obvious – these two are 180° apart and presented as such, makes you feel like a wuss or an asshole depending on which you pick.

And let’s be real here – where are the options for “cold-hearted” and “hot-headed”???

Compass Point – Some days are better than others.  All I know is that some days it takes an awful lot of work to make very little progress.

8 down, 352 to go.