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14. What constitutes progress every day? January 21, 2010

Posted by Lisa in All, Motivation.
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Pardon my sarcasm, but some days just suck.  What did I accomplish today?

Well, I spent some “quality” time with my computer, discussing exactly why increases in RAM result in the inability to go into hibernate mode.  Turns out that even if you don’t NEED to save all your RAM to hibernate, Windows NEEDS that much *contiguous* memory on your hard drive, just in case.

Now, my little old workhorse of a laptop is nearly squished to the gills with writing and pictures and work stuff and other joys of electronic life, despite my regular backups, cleanings, defraggings, etc.  (Hmmm, there’s that little red squiggle.  Seems “defraggings” isn’t a word. And neither is “defragging.”)

So sad.

Anyway, I increased my hard drive free space about 10% or so, AND defragged (also not a word), clearly creating a nice chunk of free space with a nicely comfortable margin beyond Windows’s demand for 2 GB.  And the test – to attempt the hibernate. (With a Degree of Difficulty of about 1000 according to Microsoft, as they have an entire service bulletin on it.)

It didn’t.  No hibernate.  No dear user, Thou Shalt Reboot.  Grrrr.

Compass Point – Maintenance is progress.  Just like organizing the garage and throwing stuff out, giving your computer some TLC is still a Good Thing To Do.  (Although the clean hard drive TLC was significantly more successful than the upgrade RAM TLC.)

14 down, 346 to go.

[Ed. note] The next two hibernates went smooth as silk.  The last crashed and burned.  Sounds like another post for my Real Life blog.  Sigh.



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