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11. Internet Privacy and Social Media January 18, 2010

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Facebook changed their privacy settings a few months ago, further restricting our ability to protect our personal information by 1) removing previous options to hide friends and pages, and 2) stashing previously accessible privacy options in non-logical places.

This has caused a backlash against Facebook, who attempts to justify the changes with inane arguments that mean nothing for privacy and everything to allow increased ad revenues, increased ability to mine for more email addresses, increased misunderstanding regarding default privacy settings, and the brand new feature that your information (profile, posts, etc.) can be searchable by search engines.


And I’m sharing all this deep and meaningful stuff about my next move in life with 6.8 billion people?

I talked earlier about Social Media Resumes and often wonder just how much information on the internet is too much.  My feelings on the subject change day to day.  Am I sharing too much on this blog about how I search for a job, my motivations, and my attitudes?  Will potential employers find me on Facebook and pass me over because of the pages I am a fan of?  (BTW – Facebook does not provide a method to hide your fan pages from the entire world.)

I’m a fan of an animal rescue site … am I therefore an extremist tree-hugger?  I’m a fan of House MD … am I therefore a racist, misanthrope and supportive of drug addiction in the work place?

Does the picture painted by my online presence match who I really am?  Do I care?  Would an employer care?

Well, an employer might be swayed by Facebook’s Unplanned Advertising.

But 1 in 5 employers report they use social networks to screen candidates, that the information on social networking sites can help a candidate land the job.

Compass Point – don’t say it or do it if you don’t want it showing up on the 7 o’clock news. No one’s online persona can truly reflect who they are.  We have to make some considered decisions about every single nugget we dangle to the faceless world.  How will it affect who we are, who we want to be perceived as, and who we’re actually perceived as.

11 down, 349 to go.



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