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10. Showcasing (Bragging About) Your Expertise January 16, 2010

Posted by Lisa in All, Branding.
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Don't be afraid to scream, "I rock!"

I’ve had a strange problem with my email the last couple weeks and yesterday I finally solved it.  My “productivity ” of the day was to blog about it on my other blog.  That blog explores the basics of  solving Real Life problems. With, one might assume, actual Real Life problems.

So, to my problem. (Go ahead, make a smartass remark.  In a comment below.  I dare you. Heh heh.)

Anyway, I sent email from Gmail-address-A to a Yahoo group where I had registered with Gmail-address-A.  Yahoo rejected it back to me because IT ALLEGED I’d started sending emails to it from Gmail-address-B. But I hadn’t.

No matter what I tried, it *insisted* was sending from the wrong email address.  Grrrr.

But I had *proof* from my sent box and the messages’ headers!  But somehow, the Interwebs were screwing with me.

I started my “official” blog couple years ago to complement a book I published about solving Real Life Problems.  You know, for publicity, etc.  And since I had a Real Life Problem whacking me in the face, I considered it was quite legitimate fodder for that blog.

Anyway, here’s my blog entry – Personality Disorder – Using Two Gmail Accounts in Thunderbird.

Compass Point – Tooting your own horn.  Use that adage – “Show me, don’t tell me.”  If your resume says you know how to solve problems, then show ’em the money.

10 down, 350 to go.



1. thomas mann - January 16, 2010

““Show me, don’t tell me.”

Exactly, and amen. Even the big boys have trouble with that one.


A large government organization I supported claimed for years it is a “world-class” organization. They solicited comments from employees and other people to build a case to prove to the world it is world class.

My comment was if the world doesn’t already know, then you’re not.

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