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6. Posting little comments can lead to big results January 11, 2010

Posted by Lisa in Branding, Social Networking.
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Again, I’m avoiding the job boards unless the perfect job makes it through my filters and into my inbox.  (Ya see, I’d like to feel productive today.)  Part of feeling productive is making a decision and following through on it.  I will NOT feel guilty about NOT surfing job boards today!

So today, I focused on advertising myself online.  I put my hand in the air and a couple people saw it.

I receive many email newsletters and filtered search results from all over.  Industry magazines, updates from LinkedIn, Tweets, etc.  And I just started reading.  A few were interesting enough to comment on, and I left several several in different topic areas.  Most were from LinkedIn group discussions.

Example 1: One post showed new grads how to format a resume using bullet points to list experience.  I added a recommendation that bullet points shouldn’t just list responsibilities, but accomplishments.   Identify the opportunity, how you met it, and the quantitative result.  I ended up exchanging comments with the author, and now we’re going to rework half of the post with my input in exchange for co-authorship of the article.

Who knows – more publicity that links back to my site, starting from a single, useful, comment.  And I get to contribute my experience that others may find useful.  Sure helps with the whole self-worth thingie, right?  😉

Example 2:  A woman wrote she was upset that her team’s excellent submission for a government proposal hadn’t been accepted, but that she used the opportunity to interview the company about why it wasn’t the best one submitted.  She learned valuable information for the next time around.  I left a comment that I had accidentally used the same technique when I was let go, and I learned some lessons as well.

After my comment, she emailed me directly.  She happens to do public speaking and training, an area I am researching since I love educating and speaking so much.  So I gave her my blurb and asked her advice on next steps I might take.

She hasn’t replied, but again, who knows.  Since I’m confused where to start, she may give some great guidance.  If not, my comment and website are still on her site. All because I left a good comment on her blog.

Compass Point – Little conversations can lead to big results:  To get people to come to you, sometimes you have to go to them first.  And one well-thought-out comment may get you a really great lead.

6 down, 354 to go.



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