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5. When perfection *shouldn’t* be Job 1 January 8, 2010

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The Sesame Street Word-of-the-Day is “Frustration.”

Yes, I want to do a page with the Social Media elements I discussed yesterday.  However, the mechanics are making me crave chocolate or something as equally attitude adjusting.

The specifics are tedious and boring.  But despite the fact that I pay for hosting 2 sites and have free WordPress sites, I apparently can’t get a 3-column blog-style template for my http://www.myname.com site without either 1) writing the code myself or 2) paying more money.  <vent removed for editorial courtesy>

I hate coding sites in HTML – been doing it for years.  Painful.  One missing </td> and you’re screwed.  Much rather like the free templates at WordPress, or the Site Builder at my hosting company.  But my hosting company doesn’t have blog templates, only website templates.  And I can’t use WordPress-like blog templates at my hosting site without coding them.  Soooo, that means I’m stuck with only one (1) column.  And no way for people to leave comments. Grrr.

The pre-made template idea is great but the selections are, ah, underwhelming.  So I’m trying to fake it with tables and what-not.  <rolls eyes>

I’ve been so hamstrung by templates and formats and my hosting company today that I spent relatively little time on the content itself. Even finding networking badges the same size seems impossibly ridiculous. 

So.  <whew>. Tomorrow I’m going to start over and sketch out the content first, and then make it fit into the best available solution.

Compass Point – Get your head out of the weeds:  Being a perfectionist is great if you have 1) time and 2) your (usually self-imposed) requirements are inflexible.  Sometimes it’s not worth the effort – take what’s available and (to quote Tim Gunn) “Make It Work.”

5 down, 355 to go.



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