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2. Remember that negative crack I made about job boards? January 5, 2010

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Today I returned a call I received from a woman named Diane, who owns a placement firm.  Great conversation out of the blue!  But I’m chagrined to say she probably got my information from Monster.com.  After I relayed to you yesterday my lack of faith in job boards, the irony just slaps me in the face.  <grin>

So Diane tells me she believes finding the right culture match is more important than the best job match.  <ding ding ding!>  And that she often second-guesses both people and companies to get past what might not (initially) appear to be the “best” match.  After my last job, finding the right culture is very high on my list, and I relayed the experience.

Diane epitomizes a great placement professional – she introduced herself and her company, she explained how she works, and then she asked if she could explore my likes and dislikes for a new position.  Rather than asking about specifics on my resume, she bounced scenarios – “Technology assessments in biomedical engineering – is this a good thing or a bad thing for you?”  (GOOD THING!)

I was pleased that she wanted to get to know me to help place me better, rather than to pattern match keywords on my resume.  (Why can’t they all be like this?)

Based on the questions she asked me, I’ll have a customized version of my resume out to her by the end of the day.

Compass Point – perspective: Just because job board searching is lonely and painful, doesn’t mean it’s useless.  Recruiters do surf the site.  Get a resume up there and keep it current.

2 down, 358 to go.



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